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How MAST Works for You


Fix & Flip Rehabbers

Organize your business and bring it online. Showcase your portfolio. Attract motivated lenders.

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Multi-Family Syndicators

Find like-minded partners, mentors, and investors. Build your profile. Boost your brand with investors.

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Spec Home Builders

Enrich your customer and investor data. Understand them at a deeper level. Make smarter decisions.

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MAST gets you 140% more investor response.

So you met a bigshot investor named Daniel at a networking event and got his card. Before you email him, create an investor record in MAST.

MAST scrapes Daniel’s web footprint and enriches Daniel’s smart investor page with data from social profiles, work experience, interests, and much more.

Use MAST to invite Daniel to a ballgame next week. He’ll be excited because his favorite team is coming to town. Of course, you already knew that. We won’t tell.

Get Better Data

MAST connects you with investors and lenders.

So an investor backed out and you’re scrambling to replace them. 40% of real estate deals fail due to a lack of capital. Don’t let this be one of them.

MAST grants you access to a strong network of investors who specialize in real estate and want to make deals.

Use MAST to send a beautiful and detailed project showcase page to a handful of the best matches. With enough lines in the water, you’re sure to get a bite.

Expand Your Network

MAST basically organizes your life.

You wrote yourself a reminder to “follow up with AH,” but for the life of you, you can’t remember who AH is. We’ve all been there. Well, except for those of us who use MAST.

Replace spreadsheets, contacts, mail, messaging, & CRM with one tool to rule them all: MAST. All your investor data, project details, documents, contact records, hopes, and dreams, in one easy-to-use portal.

it’s Amy Herrera, by the way.

Get It Together

What MAST offers you?


Ease of Use

Intuitive and Simple to use


Access Anywhere

On the cloud, mobile-friendly


Investor Insights

Know the investor better
with our data enrichment


Rich Project Portfolio

Create and showcase a
professional portfolio in minutes


Integrated Communications

All investor communication in
one place


Investment Management

Plan and manage your investments
like a pro


Attracting investors, funding a deal, expert advice, experience sharing - we got you covered!

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What our customers say

Our unique robust dashboard is the best platform to coordinate with investors, organize documents, and monitor investments.



I was struggling to find investors to fund my deals and the current situation with COVID was not helping. MAST sent me investor leads and helped me get to the next level.



Simply Superb

Tracking and replying to emails have become much simpler with MAST. I no longer have to struggle with my cluttered inbox as Mast has streamlined my communication. Getting investors and managing investments has become a walk in the park for me.



Brilliant software

I was able to avoid getting caught in a huge storm of excel spreadsheets thanks to MAST. Their unique dashboard has helped me organize my documents, build a good rapport with investors, and monitor the capital flow quite well.



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