Eliminate Your Doubts About How To Pitch To Institutional Investors and Start fix and flipping In Multi-family
By Ashish Upadhyay -

Are you wondering how to pitch to institutional investors and begin fix and flipping with multi-family investors? Here is a story of Lisa, who began her fix and flip business by pitching to institutional investors and landing on multi-family investors.


Are you looking to start your fix and flip business? What if I told you that you could

pitch to institutional investors and start fix and flipping with multi-family investors?


Yes, that’s right, by connecting with institutional investors, you can get enough funding for landing on multi-family deals and kick start your fix and flip business.


Now, let us see how Lisa, a renowned multi-family fix and flipper, began real estate fix and flipping and landed on multi-family investment deals.


On a fine Sunday morning, Lisa ordered black coffee at a local diner. She had been saving money over the last few years and wanted to multiply it.


She decided to dive into real estate fix and flipping. As she began sipping her coffee, she read the newspaper and came across an advertisement of a real estate investors club.


Lisa decided to visit the club for more insights and find real estate investment opportunities to begin her fix and flip venture. She drove to the club and learned a lot about the real estate market and other investment opportunities.


Lisa Targets her Audience with a Perfect Game Plan


With her new-found knowledge, Lisa created a game plan that prioritized prospects. She started a segmented marketing plan with priorities. She got in touch with like-minded LPs who were keen on investing alongside existing investors. This enabled her to regain her pitch before approaching higher probability names.


Lisa targeted a set of investors and understood their preferences. She made it a point to research investor objectives before a meeting.


She visited investors’ websites and reviewed presentations made at conferences. She also had a word with investor peers and fix and flip experts before setting her pitch.

She takes time to prepare and understands what separates her from the pack


Lisa framed a pitchbook that covered all the crucial aspects and brought them to a meeting. She also followed up with a PPM tear sheet and a due diligence questionnaire. This helped her to pitch better and cover all the important points.


Being unique, let’s you stand apart from the crowd. Lisa gathered her investment philosophy, her approach, and the opportunity to invest before making her pitch.


In the pitch, she told what she hasn’t pursued, which pleased investors. This was because investors knew what Lisa thought about investment opportunities and how she deployed capital.


Upon added research, Lisa understood that institutional investors were the steward of their capital. So, she made decisions carefully.


Lisa Finds Multi-family Investment Opportunities

Once she established a good connection with institutional investors, Lisa met Harold, a renown spec home builder and a long time fix and flipper, at a real estate investor party.


Harold developed a good relationship with Lisa and understood her objectives quite well. He asked her to get in touch with multi-family real estate investors and land a deal.


Being backed by the support of institutional investors, Lisa was pretty confident and landed on a few multi-family investment opportunities that gave her business a big boost.


Lisa became more involved with changing entire neighbourhoods for the better with quality development, and that had a positive impact on the lives of residents.


Lisa Sketched out a Concrete Investment Plan

Lisa partnered with several investors and expanded her investments properly. With Harold’s help, she was able to level up the real estate investing game quickly.


She collaborated with other investors and attracted buyers by focusing on providing housing and empowering communities. She achieved this through public-private partnerships, tax credits, tax abatements, and other creative partnerships.


Harold introduced Lisa to impact-driven investors who were focused on making a difference with their capital. She also invested in rescission-resistant investments and started looking for long-term public-private partnerships.


Once she landed on them, Lisa was able to provide real value to communities across the US.


Lisa Lands on tax credit attainable housing development


With Harold’s help, Lisa landed on tax credit attainable housing development and began looking for deals that could be financed 100% with tax credits, loans, and other affordable housing grants.


Lisa’s investor base began growing immensely, and her profit turnover was also quite handsome.


While looking for multi-family properties to flip, she paid attention to the location, environment, accessibility, and zoning issues.


Lisa Begins Using Real Estate Investment Management Platforms

With increasing investors and an overloaded inbox, Lisa started facing issues in managing communication with investors. She was also unable to organize project files and share them due to its haphazard nature.


She was on the hunt to find a software platform that resolved this pressing issue. She stumbled upon MAST and was delighted to see its feature rich, robust interface.


Lisa was able to organize and share project files with investors with ease, thanks to MAST. She could also communicate with investors through a user-friendly chat platform.


She also closed some great deals with MAST, as it allowed her to look for investors who shared the same values. MAST enabled her to manage investments properly as she could monitor investment flow better.



Lisa’s confidence in connecting with institutional investors helped her to kick start her fix and flipper by closing some great multi-family deals.


With a concrete investment plan to pitch and tax credit attainable housing development, Lisa was able to close many deals and reap profits. She established a good relationship with several investors and managed investment and communication through a robust platform.


From Lisa’s journey, we learn that it is possible to begin your fix and flipper by landing on multi-family deals. Make sure to plan your pitch and develop a rapport with institutional investors to progress in multi-family fix and flipping.