6 Ways to Make the Most of your Investment Management Software
By Ashish Upadhyay -

Using investment management software could be easy. However, fix and flippers often get carried away by too many features and end up missing out on some of them. This article helps them to make full use of these features with six tips.

With several banks and businesses relying on investment management software, the market is flooded with several such software. However, most users are oblivious to the number of features as around 70% of them do not use the software to its full potential.


With increasing investor base, projects, and business interactions, investment management software is the way to go for a real estate fix and flipper. With home values increased by 7.2% since 2018, you can make business interactions easier and expand your investor base.


Investor management software provides a platform for investors to showcase their projects and share information. Most platforms also aid in good communication among fix and flip investors with a simple platform to view projects. 


With many investment management platforms on the prowl, it is ideal for you to make the most of them as a real estate fix and flipper. Here are seven ways that help you make the most of an investment management software. 


Explore the platform


As you get your hands on the new platform, don’t just create a new account, upload your projects and be done with it. Start by togging with the options and explore all the features in the tool. Look for built-in options and how to turn them on or off. 


Try uploading project files without organizing them; most software will suitably re-arrange those files automatically. 


Familiarize yourself with the tool’s layout and click on texts, who knows, some of them may lead you to another option. This will help you navigate faster and share projects instantly. Once you are comfortable with the platform, you can communicate with fellow investors and close deals with ease.


Play around with the platform more and look for more features. You will never know that some feature you would have probably missed out might have saved you a lot of time or made your job much easier. 

Make it adapt to your working style


Each fix and flipper has a different working style and caters to a different audience. So the online platform that you use has to support all your needs. Completing a task with manual workarounds could be daunting. Odds are that product feature limitations are getting in the way. 


Wouldn’t you want your investment management platform to simplify complex calculations? How about some customization? Tailor your platform by including accounting principles and make your calculations much easier.


The investment management platform’s user interface must suit your working style and environment. No feature should hamper your operations as it would otherwise kill the purpose of using the platform in the first place.


Make use of the Privacy feature


Your privacy is most important for your business operations. You don’t want to disclose unwarranted information to your investors. Go to the settings section of the investment management platform and look for privacy settings.


In privacy settings, you will have the option to toggle what information you want to keep private and public. However, some platforms let you choose this while you are uploading any project document/file itself.


Most platforms are designed to handle sensitive information quite well and would enable you to restrict access to specific information to certain users. 


Look for Syncing options


Most investment management software designed for fix and flip real estate investors enable easy interaction with your team. Software platforms automatically export and import functions to excel. This makes it more flexible for you to work with any general ledger or chart accounts. 


Most platforms allow you to sync your social media handles and display them to your prospects. This helps you to better connect with investors and engage with them easily. 

Use the Filter/Organize feature


Investment management software designed for real estate fix and flippers often auto-arrange documents as soon as they are uploaded. However, most platforms let you filter, sort, and organize contacts, entities, and accounts according to your preference. 


Make use of this feature to categorize contacts and statuses to enable easy operations and make better decisions.


Leverage its flexible and configurable nature


Most fix and flippers fail to unlock the true potential of the investor management platforms they use. 


As your company grows, its requirements evolve. Sometimes, no matter how well the investment management platform is, you may still fall short of certain requirements as they don’t adapt with your businesses’ increasing needs. 


More often than not, real estate platforms frequently update to keep up with the latest trends. Some of them are driven by AI and Machine Learning algorithms which are in a constant state of learning. Platforms driven by AI grow along with your business and achieve greater results. 


Explore the platform and check whether you can add custom data fields to CRM contacts, customize email formatting, and accommodate different needs and returns. 



With these six tips to make the most of an investment management software, you can reap the best returns for your fix and flip business. Start off by choosing the right platform for your fix and flip needs. 


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