5 Powerful Online Platforms that Scale your Fix and Flip Business
By Ashish Upadhyay -

There are a wide variety of online platforms that help you organize, track, and maintain projects for your fix and flip business. They also let you communicate with investors, share project details and keep tabs on the investment flow.

Fixing and flipping houses involves a tedious process and a lot of manual effort with data and project management. There are different types of software that provide the most impeccable platform for you to improve data management, deal analysis, manage projects, get estimates for fix and flip, and maximize project profitability.

Let’s say you are excited to meet a potential investor after listening to their credibility through word of mouth. Instead, you end up being disappointed with the investor’s poor experience and lack of judgement. Online platforms provide dashboards that help you gauge the credibility of investors, message them, and decide whether to proceed with the deal or not. These platforms help you analyze deals, manage massive projects, establish seamless communication with investors, and monitor investment flow.

Whether you are a fix and flipper, multi-family developer, or a spec-home builder, real estate investment software helps make your business process smooth and secure. You can rely on tools for real estate investors to find investment opportunities in real estate. Here are five powerful online channels that provide a robust platform to scale your fix and flip business with ease.

Strike Better Deals with Deal Analysis Tools

Making a purchase decision or overpaying for a property is the worst nightmare for fix and flippers. You can glide over this problem with robust tools that are focused on analyzing deals and drive better purchase decisions.

Choosing between spaghetti with meatballs and pepperoni pizza for dinner could be quite difficult. Deal analysis tools help weigh your options and analyze deals on any platform, i.e. your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. These tools help you calculate project costs and determine the maximum purchase price of a property. They are like powerful fog lamps that light up a misty road.

Deal analysis tools help both investors and fix and flippers from overpaying or overcharging. They allow you to create investment reports professionally and help build credibility to obtain funding for rehab projects. Active investors can also narrow down their hunt for investors with deal analysis tools and close deals faster.

Be on Track with Flipping Cost Calculators

Have you ever been down a rabbit hole while looking for returns and estimating rehab costs? Flipping cost calculators will help you create a detailed scope of work accurately and estimate rehab costs without the contractor’s help.

Taking precautions in advance will help you overcome risks and adapt to different situations. Similarly, flipping cost calculators help you to pre-build starter templates and pricing databases in seconds. Customize the estimate database with your repair items and prices for specific project requirements. With flipping cost calculators, you can create custom estimate templates and pricing databases that could be reused on future rehab projects.

Use flipping cost calculators to know the after-repair value, purchase price, rehab costs, fixed costs, financing costs, and desired profits. This will drive you to make better purchase decisions, create a clear portfolio for your fix and flip requirements and plan how to target your investors.


Manage Workload with Project Management Platforms

Project delays and mismanagement are the biggest disasters to fix and flippers. Managing, organizing, completing projects on time, and meeting budgets is like completing all sides on a Rubix cube. Well, project management platforms help you do just that. With added precision, these platforms help you create project schedules, manage contractor start dates, and project milestones with ease.

Just like ticking items off a to-do list, project management platforms help you track tasks, customize the database with your requirements, and schedule your projects on a calendar. Most project management platforms have a calendar that helps you manage all your project schedules, tasks, and events in one project calendar. Make the most of it to achieve effective workload management.

Scattered files are difficult to locate; project management platforms help you organize your project files for better access. Use the platform to sort files according to your priorities and share them with prospects. Also, most platforms prioritize your project files and ensure privacy management with restricted access. This allows you to share project files only with your consent. Use these platforms to smartly track projects and find investors for real estate.

Easy Accounting with Accounting Platforms

Transform a boring, time consuming and the confusing job of accounting and track your budgets with accounting platforms. Forecast profitability on deals, manage budgets, and track expenses by vendor, category, or account, and create final profit statements beforehand.

Finding tax consultants and managing accounts can be quite challenging. Use accounting platforms to manage accounts keeping the current market value and tax norms in check. Even if accounting is not your cup of tea, it becomes a walk in the park with accounting software.


Build a Strong Rapport with Chat Platforms

Even as an expert fix and flipper, you could lose track of replying to emails and deal with a cluttered inbox as email communication could get harder to manage in the long run. Most emails also have limited cloud storage, which is a letdown. With a dedicated chat platform, there are a few best apps for real estate wholesalers.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could replace that cluttered inbox of yours to an easy to use chat platform? Yes, that’s right, there are dedicated chat platforms for real estate investors that help you chat with prospects and manage communication much better. Stay ahead of the competition with chat platforms as they give you an edge over email clients as you can use them on the go, and communicate with investors with an intuitive interface.

You don’t have to worry about losing out on follow-ups as most investor chat platforms automatically detect the due time to revert and notify you beforehand. Adhere to TAT and never miss out on updates and catch-ups with investors via chat.


Whether you are an active or passive investor, you can gain more investors or get sizable returns with these five powerful online platforms. Instead of losing time by manually tracking emails, missing attractive deals, and drowning in excel sheets, make use of these robust platforms to pack a punch for your real estate business.

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