5 Strategies Followed by Pro Fix and Flippers to Get Investors
By Ashish Upadhyay -

Do you find it difficult to stay updated with the latest trends followed by fix and flippers? Are you looking to take your fix and flip business to the next level? Is it hard to find investors? Here are five sure-shot strategies that will help you obtain investors and pave the way for you to be the king/queen of the fix and flip business.

Jim was sipping his morning coffee at a local diner looking for funding for flipping houses in a newspaper and came across an article that was quite misleading. Being a renowned fix and flipper, he knew that the media was misleading real estate businesses into believing something that could result in clickbait. He had been attracting investors by showcasing the perks of financing for real estate to prospects with attractive deals that promote the best real estate investment return.

Although this method sparked an interest in potential investors and drove them to flock to him for investment, he wasn’t getting the reach he expected. He was worried about losing out on investors and had to look for newer methods to enable him to stay on track. His objective was to make sure to knock on the right door to find investors and expand his business.

This article is about how a well-established fix and flipper – Jim, meets an unknown benefactor who guides him in getting more investors and expanding his business.

Jim’s First Meeting with Kevin

Jim finished his morning cup of coffee and was on his way to meeting a prospective investor. As he parked his car in the parking lot and got out of the vehicle, he was greeted by a well-built man in his late 30s who happened to be a real estate agent. Jim made small talk with the man and agreed to meet him again in half an hour after the meeting with the investor.

Jim met the man at a fast-food restaurant nearby. The man introduced himself as Kevin and told him that he was well-connected with several investors interested in real estate flipping. He actively collaborated with agents on various projects, shared updates, and helped them with investing in various projects.

Jim was instantly overjoyed and befriended Kevin, who opened the door for investment opportunities. This was the right opportunity for Jim to find more investors for real estate. Kevin connected Jim with several investors who shared the same objectives and helped him come up with a unique real estate investing plan and gain strong investors for his fix and flip business.


Jim Joins a Renowned Real Estate Investment Club

A few weeks later, Jim meets Kevin at a local bowling alley to express his gratitude. He was able to close a few deals with a few investors with Kevin’s intervention.

“Thanks, man, I owe you a beer for this,” says Kevin.

“Hey don’t just thank me yet, wait until you visit Real Estate Flippers.”

“Real Estate Flippers – what’s that?”

“It’s a popular hangout spot for reputed real estate investors.”

“Oh wow, that sounds great! A real estate investment club huh, can’t wait to go there, Kevin.”

“Well, what are you waiting for Jim? Grab your car keys now.”

As the duo drive to Real Estate flippers, Kevin tells Jim that they also have an official online forum that lets him connect with investors and organize a meetup. He also tells him to be on the lookout for investors who share his priorities and have a strong reputation with other investors.
Jim visits the real estate investment club and befriends a few folks who are looking for investing in real estate. He also meets the club organizer who narrows down his search by making it much simpler. The organizer asks Jim to outline his investor needs to several attendees as this was a sure-shot way for new networking opportunities.

Jim began visiting this investment club and became an active member. He was able to get periodic updates of real estate investors looking for investment opportunities in his locality. He attracted established opportunities in financing for real estate investors, upscale his business and expanded his fix and flip projects quite well.

Jim Stays Tuned with Online Classified Ads

Kevin called Jim on a fine Wednesday morning and enquired about his health.

“I am doing quite well Kevin. Thanks for introducing me to Real Estate Flippers, it was really helpful,” says Jim.

“That’s wonderful Jim, have you looked into classified ads today?”

“What? Why should I do that? Isn’t classifieds outdated?.” asks Jim.

Kevin explains to Jim that advertisements and online classified websites never go out of date. He asked him to visit classified websites such as craigslist as it is the hot hub for real estate investors to post online classified ads. Jim was intrigued as this was yet another opportunity to find investors for real estate and asked Kevin how to start.

Kevin asked Jim to do an online search to look for investors who wanted to buy distressed properties. He suggested posting ads on classified forums, social media, and other platforms announcing the need for investors to fund for flipping houses. He said that the ads should also showcase the perks of financing for real estate investors.

Jim Starts to Fix and Flip with Friends and Family

Jim was very pleased with seeing numerous benefits that helped his real estate business soar higher. He was desperately looking for investors to fund for a large project that could turn things to a different plane but faced difficulties in narrowing down on a bank that could finance real estate flipping.

On a Friday afternoon, Jim received a call from Mark, his cousin, who wanted to invest in real estate. Jim told Mark of his new project that would spearhead his fix and flip business to the next level. Mark was quick to respond and agreed to aid in financing his project.

Jim was thrilled as this would be an added benefit in gaining an attractive return of investment. He knew that investors and private financiers would ask for a fixed return on their investment, thereby resulting in a higher percentage of interest compared to CD or savings account. Jim knew that collaborating with a family member or friend would avoid increasing costs.

Jim Establishes a Strong Connect with Investors through a Robust Platform

With his newly developed real estate fix and flip business, Jim was over the moon. However, he faced difficulties in organizing projects, reverting to emails, and showcasing them to investors. He had to deal with cumbersome calculations on excel and maintain numerous records that were kept haphazardly.

Not knowing how to overcome this challenge, Jim turned to Kevin for a solution. Kevin told him that there were a few online real estate dashboards that helped him overcome these challenges. These dashboards would help him track emails, organize project files, and showcase projects to investors easily.

Kevin did some research and stumbled upon Mast, a robust platform that helped real estate investors communicate with investors through a dedicated channel, and manage projects easily. Jim began using Mast, and he was delighted with its ease of use and was able to organize his projects quite well. He established a great rapport with his fellow investors, monitor the performance, and track the investment flow easily. By establishing a concrete communication channel, his business operations turned over a new leaf and got funding for flipping houses easier.

By getting in touch with a renowned real estate agent, enrolling in a real estate investment club, following online classified ads, connecting with Mark, and using a robust communication platform, Jim was able to get more investors and become one of the most successful fix and flippers in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Follow these five strategies to gain more investors and take your fix and flip business to the next level, just like our protagonist – Jim.